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Fricano’s “il Sugo” brand Spaghetti Sauce is sold by Meijer in all their Michigan stores and most of their stores in other states!
Our premium Spaghetti Sauce is also available at 40 Spartan Food Stores in Michigan (i.e. D&W, Plumb’s, Family Fare).

Introducing the best spaghetti sauce available. Brought to you from the same family that brings you Fricano's Pizza, voted best pizza in Michigan in a Pure Michigan vote.

Fricano's "Il Sugo" Spaghetti Sauce

Fricano's secret family spaghetti sauce with a fresh, light, authentic flavor.

Our new brand of Spaghetti sauce, "Il Sugo" is an authentic Italian recipe in 32 oz. Jars and is the best you can buy.  We pack as many tomatoes as physically possible into every jar of sauce we make to insure a sauce as authentic as if it was done at home right from the garden to your favorite dish of pasta.  It’s made with 100% tomatoes, and no water, and tastes wholesome, natural and fresh. The Fricano’s old family sauce recipe is now available to all.


Any true Italiano knows that three things matter most in life: Faith, Family, and Food!

What one thing has made a hot plate of spaghetti the most popular food in the world?  That's right the tomato.  "il pomodoro"  It's for that very reason an heirloom recipe that spans many generations has made Fricano's brand of Spaghetti Sauce "il Sugo" the best you can buy!  Real, Live, Rome plum tomatoes packed in every jar for the perfect sauce every time.  That's the Italian way; Fricano's way.  So genuinely authentic and delicious that it bears the name used only by the truest of Italians: "il Sugo" which simply means The Sauce.  Fricano's Spaghetti Sauce is great with much more than just pasta.  The possibilities are endless!  Enjoy and Buon Appetito!

Available in glass jars or as a spaghetti dinner at the Comstock Park, MI, Fricano's Pizza Restaurant.

Fricano's Old-World Style Homemade Italian Spaghetti Sauce is a Michigan Made product by a Made in Michigan family!

Our secret family spaghetti sauce!

In 1949 the Fricano family brought you Fricano's Pizza which is the original and most famous pizza in Michigan and was voted best pizza in Michigan in a Pure Michigan vote. Our amazing story is all told on our pizza website at FricanosPizza.com.

And now we give you the best spaghetti sauce available. Our Fricano family heirloom old world spaghetti sauce recipe has been carefully converted into a bottled product for sale. The taste and quality which has spanned many generations has been maintained and is now available to all.

Our sauce is not just for spaghetti!

Try it on many other pasta dishes as well, only because it is so good.  It can make a piece of homemade Italian bread into a meal. Try it with veggies, pork, any parmesan dish, lasagna, and seafood.  The possibilities are endless. Buon appitito. Simmer in sauce pan on medium heat 'til hot. Serve. Refrigerate after opening.